Today is the day
Today is the day we all say goodbye.
To a wonderful friend, and one hell of a guy.
A father, a husband, and a fireman strong.
In our hearts and thoughts, is where Tom belongs.
A mentor, a teacher, a part of our life.
A friend, a shoulder, who helped us through strife.
Giving words of encouragement, and a slap on the back.
He truly cared for us all, not a trait did he lack.
He would answer to Tom, Birhead, or Deputy Chief.
With a smile and a joke, you would happily meet.
There was no debating the Leafs or the Wings.
Red and white only, no blue’s did he sing.
Always willing to answer the next fire call.
To pick up our spirits, wherever they fall.
For now is the time, to remember…not cry.
‘cause today is the day, we all say goodbye.
Matt Richardson


In our thoughts forever.
Dep.Chief Tom Graham